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Registered in England No.6041465. Reg Office; Pennystones, Snetterton North End, Norwich, Norfolk. NR16 2LE. UK Directors: J.P Cooke, M.N Gent
The key role of the Magnus system is to provide fully automatic self contained water purification / water recycling . Removing 100% suspended solids and up to 99.9% (4 log) of infectious living organisms.
In brief the Magnus system removes all suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, virus and high molecular weight material (MWCO) 150KDaltons in contaminated water. The system produces up to 1.5 million litres per day of purified water.  
Removal Performance: -  
Removes 100% suspended solids to >5NTU, bacteria such as Cholera, Botulism, e-coli as well as Giardia (intestinal parasite), Cryptosporidium, and viruses such as hepatitis, 4 log removal.  Colloidal material above 150kdaltons
Operational Specifications
Max delivery pressure    2 bar
Max operating temperature   45
Control     Siemens PLC
Fluid transfer     Internal transfer Pump, food quality wetted parts
CIP     Manual or Fully Automatic Chemically enhanced clean in place technology
Performance specifications
24 / 7 operational load   480,000 Litres /day up to 1.5 million Litres / day
Efficiency     98% recovery (depending on feed water quality)
Feed Water quality    up to 10% solids in suspension, solid particle size >1000 micron.  
Product Water Quality   > 5 NTU

Molecular weight cut off (MWCO)  150 KDaltons
PH Range     PH 3 – 12  

Physical Specification
Dimensions     6m long x 2.7m wide x 2.7m high. (Std Shipping Container)
Weight     3000 - 4000 kg

Construction Materials   Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel, PVC, PTFE & EPDM.  
Transportation options Static- 20x9 shipping container or skid mounted for installation into an existing facility.
Telemetry / Communication  Automatic remote system monitoring diagnostics alerts. Notifying maintenance or system failure.  Primary Treatment  Pre-screening /  solids separation.
Secondary Treatment   Activated Carbon, UV Sterilisation, Chlorination. Reverse Osmosis
Water Quality  Turbidity, PH, Dissolve Oxygen, Residual Chlorine, Nitrate, etc on line live analysis with ABB digital data recording ( 25 yrs on a single data card ) Linked to telemetry and auto fail safe