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Registered in England No.6041465. Reg Office; Pennystones, Snetterton North End, Norwich, Norfolk. NR16 2LE. UK Directors: J.P Cooke, M.N Gent
About Us
CLEAN  WATER INTERNATIONAL (UK) Ltd (CWI) manufactures economical membrane molecular separation systems in the UK.  
CWI offer a solution to water purification, molecular separation & water recycling without the major Capital Expenditure.  
brings together years of Research Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing.  
A collaboration of expertise has enabled us to produce cost effective solutions to purify water and treat contaminated waste water using the very latest technology.   
We are continually researching and developing our innovative water treatment processes to help deal with the ever changing world and environmental requirements.
It is reported that the number of people who have no access to adequate water / waste water treatment currently stands at 2.9 billion, 80% of whom live in developing and newly industrialised countries.  
The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) estimates investments of 180 billion US dollars each year for water and waste water treatment to meet worldwide demand. These figures refer solely to increases in capacity
and do not include the renovation and modernisation activities that will be needed over the coming years in

industrialised countries.  The volume of business this will create for Ultra filtration technology is considerable and is set to increase sharply on a global level in the years ahead.  
Our aim is to provide sustainable economic water Purification systems to the many varied Industrial, Municipal, Commercial and Humanitarian requirements using our unique products.  
Along with the versatility of our systems what makes us somewhat unique is that we can offer to rent our water systems to the client, on a fully maintained water system basis. This enables the client to focus on their
core business operations without the need for any capital expenditure.